Eski Mosque, Yambol

Most important Islamic historical Centers of Bulgaria

Tuesday, 15 of June 2021

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Eski Mosque, Yambol  

Mosques of Bulgaria

Eski djamiq

Minaret of Eski Mosque

Beautiful stone minaret of Eski Mosque

Eski Mosque, Yambol

The Eski mosque (1373) is the mosque with the second size in Bulgaria and it is found in the centre of the town. There are three entrances but today it is in use just the central one. The east niche is separated with curtain and only the women can use it. The central dome is massive and there are huge columns, which support the arches which raise up from the forth sides. The Eski mosque is the only Moslem’s place in Yambol and one of the most impressive buildings in the town. It was restored in its original mode with wall-paintings from XVII c.

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