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Thursday, 22 of August 2019

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Magoki-Attori Mosque, Bukhara  

Mosques of Uzbekistan


Magoki-Attori Mosque

None of the ancient monuments of the city have caused as many puzzles for archeologists and historians as this one. The name of the mosque itself indicates the approximate time of its construction: the first part of the name, “Magoki”, means “pit” or “hole” and suggests that the mosque stood much lower than the present level of the city streets and squares.

Ancient Bukharans worshipped fire; they professed Zoroastrian religion. Each family had its own idol, and thought if they prayed to the idols, they would receive happiness and richness. These idols were sold twice a week at the bazaars. Mokh was the king of that time and he himself controlled the marketing. In order to develop trade in the city, he ordered the construction of a temple for the fire-worshippers.