Vakil Mosque, Shiraz

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Thursday, 20 of February 2020

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Vakil Mosque, Shiraz  

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Masjed-e Vakil

Vakil Mosque, Shiraz

Vakil Mosque is situated west of the famous Vakil Bazaar. It was built in 1187 (AH) during Zand Dynasty. It covers an area of 8,660 square meters. On the two sides of the entrance gate there are magnificent tile-works and arches.

The left and right corridors of the entrance gate are connected to the main room. Alongside the altar there is a 14-step tall platform made of green marbles where the speaker has to climb a number of stairs to reach the top to address the audience. On the inscription of the entrance gate there are Quranic verses engraved in Sols and Nosakh scripts.

Its nocturnal area or Shabestan (night prayer hall) with an area of 2700 sq.m. contains 48 similar tall pillars of stone with a beautiful ceiling and a marble altar that is considered to be one of the master pieces of the Zandieh era.

Masjed-e Vakil

The historic building was registered as national heritage about 76 years ago.

Vakil means regent which was the title used by Karim Khan the Zand ruler of Persia. Shiraz was the seat of Karim Khan’s government and he endowed many buildings, including this Mosque.

Vakil Mosque, Iran

According to Fars Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department, the stones of the floor and tile-works were renovated, lighting system of the interior was improved, exterior of the nocturnal prayer rooms were renovated and the plasterworks were upgraded.

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