Sidi boumedienne Mosque, Tlemcen

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Sunday, 17 of January 2021

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Mosques of Algeria

Mosquee Sidi Boumediene

Build in: 1339 AD

Mosquee Sidi Boumediene

Sidi Boumediene Mosque is located in the district of El Eubbad, the mosque was built in 1339 by Sultan Hassan Abu Ali said Merinid "Black Sultan".

The tomb of Saint Sidi Boumediene is close, forming a complex of such a madrasah built in 1347, a small palace (Dar Es Sultan), a zaouia, steam room and latrines from the same time . Sidi Boumediene is known for spreading the Sufi practice throughout North Africa.

After he died,he becomes "El Ghout" the use of the afflicted, the savior, the intercessor between God and the applicant. Populations have dedicated him a semblance of worship, he gave a baraka and organized pilgrimages to his tomb.

The mosque, madrasa and qubba of Sidi Boumediene they date from the 14th century. This is the Merinid Sultan Ali Abu Al-Hassan who ordered the construction. These are beautiful buildings that mark the architecture of the time. The door of the mosque itself is a masterpiece.

Adopted by an Andalusian village in Algeria. A man who became a symbol of a city. This is the story of Sidi Boumediene, who said: "The principle of Divine Love is to invoke any circumstance the name of God, to use all his soul to know and have never to Him alone. "

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