Sakirin Mosque, Istanbul

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Friday, 15 of October 2021

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Sakirin Mosque, Istanbul  

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Asiatic Istanbul Mosque

Sakirin Mosque, Istanbul

Opened in May 2009, Sakirin Mosque is the only mosque in the world designed by a woman. It is in Asiatic Istanbul.

Mehrab in Sakirin Mosque

Sakirin Mosque is located at one of the entrances to Karacaahmet Cemetery in Uskudar, Istanbul. It was built by the Semiha Sakir Foundation in memory of Ibrahim Sakir and Semiha Sakir and opened on 7 May 2009. According to newspaper reports, it is the most modern mosque in Turkey.

Kocatepe Mosque

The mosque’s architect was Husrev Tayla, known for his work on Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara and for his architectural conservation work. Its interior designer was Zeynep Fadillioglu, a great-niece of Semiha Sakir, and also according to newspaper reports, the first female interior designer of a mosque. She is a famous British-Turkish female interior designer. In a 2008 BBC article Fadillioglu, who is not religious herself, admitted that she wept tears of joy when she was asked to join the project:

Kocatepe Mosque interior

Construction of the mosque took 4 years. It is 10,000 square meters in area. It has two minarets, each 35 meters high, and a dome of aluminum composite.

Kocatepe Mosque prayer hall

The calligraphy on the interior of the dome was written by Semih Irtes. The large windows on three sides of the prayer hall were designed by Orhan Kocan. The mimbar is acrylic and was designed by Tayfun Erdogmus. Decorative motifs are derived from Seljuk art. The large, asymmetrical chandelier has waterdrop-shaped glass globes made by Nahide Buyukkaymakci, “reflecting a prayer that Allah’s light should fall on worshipers like rain,” and the women’s section is designed especially to allow female worshipers to have a clear view of the chandelier. The fountain in the courtyard was designed by William Pye. The mosque is built over a parking garage and also includes an exhibition area.

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