Masjid Dian al Mahri, Depok

Most important Islamic historical Centers of Indonesia

Saturday, 20 of July 2019

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Masjid Dian al Mahri, Depok  

Mosques of Indonesia

Masjid Kubah Mas

Golden Dome Mosque

Masjid Kubah Mas (Golden Dome Mosque), also known as Masjid Dian Al-Mahri, is the largest and the most magnificent mosque in Indonesia. The domes, the pillars, the chandelliers, and the ornaments are covered by pure 24 carrat gold. The materials used, such as gold, chandelliers, and granite were imported from Italy, Spain, Norwy, and Brazil. The mosque is owned by a success business woman from Serang named Dian Juriah Maimun Al-Rasyid.

Masjid Dian al Mahr

The mosque was built on 80 hectare land. There are lots of fruit trees planted around the mosque. Since the mosque was opened for public, lots of people from Jakarta and outside Jakarta come to see it.

Masjid Kubah Mas

They come by buses and cause traffic jammed. The access road to the mosque is not large. Many people are having picnics there. There is a huge open hall for them to spread their mats, sit on them, and eat their food brought from home. It is sooooo Indonesian!

Largest mosque in Indonesia

Usually, Indonesia is connected to poverty. But, this mosque, which is in Indonesia, connects to prosperity. I heard that the owner is a very generous person. She invites poor people regularly to learn Al-Quran (mengaji) and gives a sack of rice for each of them. Each year, she also sends Im not sure one or two persons for hajj.

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