Ketchaoua Mosque, Algiers

Most important Islamic historical Centers of Algeria

Sunday, 17 of January 2021

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Mosques of Algeria

Originally built as a mosque: 1612 AD


The Ketchaoua Mosque is a mosque in Algiers, the capital of Algeria. It is located at the foot of the Casbah noted for its blend of Moorish and Byzantine architecture.

It was originally built as a mosque in 1612 but in 1845 during the occupation it became the Cathedral of St Philippe until 1962. The principal entrance, reached by a flight of 23 steps, is ornamented with a portico supported by four black-veined marble columns. The roof of the nave is of Moorish plaster work. It rests on a series of arcades supported by white marble columns, several which belonged to the original mosque. In one of the chapels was a tomb containing the bones of San Geronimo.

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