Grand Mosque, Semarang

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Saturday, 20 of July 2019

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Grand Mosque, Semarang  

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Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah

Raya Mosque, Tanjung Pinang

Central Java Grand Mosque (MAJT=Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah) which is located in Gajah Raya Street, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia opened at 11 November 2006, now become Moslem pride because the world has known its existence. Not only recognized by Indonesia Moslem but also have been recognized by Moslem in the world. Not a few Islams States Diplomats and Worlds Moslem paying a visit to Central Javas use opportunity intentionally x’self visit MAJT. They confess got stuck with pride of MAJT, the development need time of 5 year, and become place of religious service, education center, public service, activity syiar Islam center, and alternative of religi tour.

Raya Mosque, Tanjung Pinang

Even, almost every day domestic tourist from fatherland angle, especially at red letter day coming to MAJT for seeing beauty of Grand Mosque building. MAJT was built in area of approximately of 10 hectare, with mains building broad 7.669 m2, and can accomodate 15.000 pilgrim. While the width platform of 7.500 m2 provided with six giant umbrella which can open and close automatically like the one in Nabawi Mosque in Madinah town.

Raya Mosque, Tanjung Pinang

This mosque architecture is between Javas, Arab, and Greek architectures.

In right wing building there is auditorium or meeting room capable to accomodating 2.000 pilgrim. While left wing is draw up for library which is design to become modern library (digital library) and rented space for office.

MAJT besides prepared as religious service place, also draw up as a religion tour. For supporting this purpose, MAJT provided with inn with capacities of 23 room chamber various classes so people that wishing spend the night can use this facility.

Raya Mosque, Tanjung Pinang

Other fascination from this mosque is Asmaul Husna Tower or Al Husna Tower with height 99 Meter. Elementary part from this tower there are Studio Radio DaIs (Dakwah Islam). While in 2nd floor and 3rd floor applied as Museum Kebudayaan Islam, and in 18th floor there are”Moslem Cafe” available to rotate 360 degree. In 19thrd floor, which is for see tower is equipped five binoculars which can see Semarang town from above.

MAJT is evaluated from the angle of the architecture is very pride and the building of model bunch principle byword kluster from Mosque Nabawi in Madinah.

Form of appearance of the architecture is new composition model taking from tradition mosque of wali with adding universal patterns of Islam architectures at main building withby uppermost of the main dome provided “minaret” sharp-pointed boost in fourth of the side.

Raya Mosque, Tanjung Pinang

MAJT have concept which translated in tradition candra sengkala. Message in candra sengkala solid in sentence “sucining guna gapuraning gusti” (4391-1934Java or 2001 year Masehi Miladiyah), mark onset for intention besit to start to build this Java pearl mosque..

Raya Mosque, Tanjung Pinang

Some buildings in areas MAJT have specification specially not owned by other area in Indonesia. For example giant hydraulic umbrella which you can only find in two place, that is Mosque Nabawi and Central Java Grand Mosque.

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