Djemaa El Djedid , Algiers

Most important Islamic historical Centers of Algeria

Sunday, 17 of January 2021

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Mosques of Algeria

New Mosque

Ottoman mosque dates back to: 1660 AD

Djemaa El Djedid , Algiers

Algeria’s mosques are interesting, different styles reflect upon Algeria’s national history. The one that all seem to get a chance to visit is not only conveniently located next to the harbour, it is also quite unique. Djemaa el-Djedid, means New Mosque, but this Ottoman mosque dates back to 1660. It combines Turkish styles of vaults and domes with an Andalucian minaret, but most noteworthy is the shape of its ground, with the form of a cross; nobody knows why. One popular story tells that its architect was a Christian, who was punished for just this by death.

Djemaa el-Djedid, means New Mosque

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