Bengkulu Grand Mosque, Sumatra (Indonesia)

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Saturday, 20 of July 2019

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Bengkulu Grand Mosque, Sumatra (Indonesia)  

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Akbar At-Taqwa Grand Mosque

Akbar At-Taqwa Grand Mosque

Akbar At-Taqwa Grand Mosque, the main mosque of Bengkulu.

Bengkulu City is a city on the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. The city is the capital and largest city of Bengkulu Province. Each year, in the Muslim month of Muharram, Bengkulu hosts the ceremony Tabot. The two centuries old ritual was made by artisans from Madras in India for the construction of Fort Marlborough. It celebrates the martyrdom of Imam Shiite Hussein's death at the Battle of Karbala. The Tabot is an opportunity for a grand procession, accompanied by songs and dances performed by young girls.

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