Al Nida Mosque, Baghdad

Most important Islamic historical Centers of Iraq

Sunday, 17 of January 2021

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Al Nida Mosque, Baghdad  

Mosques of Iraq

Al-Nidaa Mosque

An important Sunni mosque in downtown Baghdad. The target of a firebomb attack in November, 2006, Al-Nidaa was elevated to significant target status on February 28, 2007 following the Feburary bombing and mortar attack on the Sunni Hurriya Mosque in Baghdad. After the second bombing of the Al-Askariya mosque in Samarra (June 16, 2007) Al-Nidaa was once again put under guard as a significant potential target.

Al Nida Mosque, Baghdad

Most of the important historical landmarks in or near Baghdad are named after past political or religious figures (Sunni or Shi'a) or are associated with events in history of the city or the history of Islam that can make these monuments high-value targets.

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