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Masjid Negara

The National Mosque is Malaysia’s principal mosque and one of the most prominent buildings in the city. It is located near the railway station, along Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin.

National Mosque Kualalumpur

The National Mosque, which took three years to construct, was opened on Aug 27, 1965. It is situated among five acres (13 hectares) of beautiful gardens.

The location, just opposite the old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station was chosen by the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Hais. The National Mosque was completed in 1965 at a cost of more than RM 10 million.

Main prayer hall of National Mosque

Reputed as one of the more beautiful mosques in South-east Asia, this uniquely designed mosque embodies a contemporary expression of traditional Islamic art, calligraphy and ornamentation.

The most striking feature of it is the multi-fold umbrella-like roof which symbolises the aspirations of an independent nation. It has 18 points, one for each of the country’s 13 states as well as the five tenets of Islam.

Standing prominently against the skyline is the sleek and stylish 73m high minaret. The National Mosque serves as the principal mosque for the city dwellers.

Visitors are advised to observe the rules of dressing and decorum which are listed at the entrance. They need to remove their shoes and must be respectably dressed. Special robes are provided if you are not appropriately attired.